A tool for Innovation Advancement Sustainable Education

The Solutions Spelling Bee Competition for Junior Secondary Schools is deployed as a tool for promoting reading culture and literacy in participant students by allowing them see the fun in learning, helping them understand the inherent rewards that ride on academic excellence, providing them with positive goals and ultimately initiating an improvement in educational standard.

We have Successfully Hosted 7 editions

The Solutions Spelling Bee Competition was launched as a community development service project at the Federal Capital Territory in 2013. Decipher Solutions hosted the Competition as a literacy program to teach students the effective pronunciation of words, their meaning and proper context of usage in English Language.

The Solutions Bee creates a platform for students from diverse backgrounds including public and private schools to engage and compete fairly in order to emerge as winners of the competition.

The competition, which holds annually, has reached 16 states across Nigeria, engaging over 1000 students since 2013 with seven (7) successful editions.

Innovations to the Spelling Bee Program

Unlike other spelling bee programs hosted nationwide, the Solutions Spelling Bee has been expanded into a larger literacy project with several new innovative features to support the development of participant students. These features include training workshops around the following themes:

  • Essay writing
  • Prose workshop
  • Boardgame design
  • Coding for beginners
  • Storytelling workshop
  • Poetry workshop

History of the Spelling Bee

We are 6 editions strong, this edition is set up for national reach and greater impact.


The first Edition of the FCT Spelling Bee.

The very first edition of the FCT Bee holds with 10 participants.


FCTBee 2014

We had more sponsors and received media recognition.

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The third edition of the FCTBee holds with more schools involved

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FCTBee 2016

We began to take registrations online.

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The fifth edition of the FCTBee

We had participants from all over the FCT

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The sixth edition

We had a turnout of over 100 participants

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FCTBee becomes Solutions Spelling Bee

We evolved the competition for National reach and greater impact